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In Support of Safe Clean Drinking Water Worldwide

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Andhra Pradesh - a district in India.

We recommend this project organised by the Rotary Club Sherwood Sunrisers.

Up to now 230 bore holes have been provided with provision for a further 65 bore holes this year. At this level it is estimated that this project will ensure safe clean drinking water for about 50,000 people for the next 15 years.      


We applaud Terry Leivers and members of the Sherwood Sunrisers, for providing Safe Clean Drinking Water to the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh.

For further details of this project contact Terry Leivers Past President of the Rotary Club of Sherwood Sunrisers. Email:



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The Phoenix Concert Band [Update]

Musical Director Geraint Jones

Guest soprano Elizabeth Varnham-Phillips.
Held Saturday 29 September 2007 at 7.30pm in the Hall at Redhill School,
Redhill Road, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GX

The moneys raised from the Concert completed the project to buy a new
Leyland Ashok lorry with water tanker for the
Rotary Club of Nizamabad Andhra Pradesh India.
Club members to provide upkeep and pay the drivers,


Nizamabad Andha Pradesh India

Drinking water was delivered by hand cart around slums. I was asked for support in providing a tanker. This was achieved by November 2007. The tanker is on the road seven days a week carrying 6,000 litres of water to over 4,000 families, bringing relief not only to the slums, but those pushing the hand carts.


I have now been asked for help in providing reverse osmosis pumps to give clean safe drinking water by cleaning polluted water. This polluted water is readily available, the cause of sickness and disease to people without the means of redress. One small reverse osmosis pump can, I am told, produce 1,000 litres per hour of clean safe drinking water.

A matching grant provided by Rotary International brings the cost of each pump from £2,000 to £1,000, this is where I have been asked for support. The cost of housing and maintaining the project will be raised locally and monitored by District 1220 UK. The idea being that the people concerned are being helped to help themselves. It's estimated that the provision of 14 pumps will provide clean water for 60,000 people and can be sustained. Therefore the total amount I am looking to raise is £14,000, but £1,000 will purchase a reverse osmosis pump.

The charity AquaSupport passes all funds received to the intended project and monitors the way funds are spent. All costs incurred in running AquaSupport are met by trustees. The bulk of funds raised are from band concerts sponsored by Hacketts of Eckington Beer Wines and Spirits.

It's for this, that we are happy in giving this project our support.

With thank to all concerned in helping to provide

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